Arrcus Edge Routing

Build internet scale, high-performance, deep-buffer router solutions across the backbone and the edge

ArcOS: Internet Peering on High-Density 100G Jericho2 Router
Deployment Flexibility

Deploy the Arrcus Router in a range of roles: Provider (P), Provider Edge (PE), Customer Edge (CE), Peering or with a combination of technologies: IP, MPLS, Segment Routing (SR-MPLS/SRv6)

Carrier-Grade Resilience

Deliver Carrier-grade resilient and rapid convergence solutions with first principles-based open networking software


Scale the Arrcus Router to internet-scale with state-of-the-art, open hardware-based routing platforms

Enable industry-leading router solutions at the lowest TCO

Digital transformation is driving business models away from highly centralized silos of data to ones that are highly distributed, interconnected, edge points-of-presence (PoPs) in the order of 1K-10K sites. To support this change, networking architectures have migrated to routing-centric scale-up and scale-out designs.

These business imperatives are changing how network operators build out their architectures with applications and data being distributed out to the edges. Providers are building out Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) access points in radio towers, central offices, metro access, and other such locations close to the end consumer and ultimately resulting in massive and organic increase in network port counts.

ArcOS is a first principles-based, 64-bit, internet-scale network operating system with focus on routing. Built on open standards and utilizing a microservices-based architecture, it is a fully programmable, modular, composable software that not only supports IPv4/IPv6, MPLS, VXLAN forwarding but also innovative technologies such as Segment Routing (SR)-MPLS, SRv6.

ArcOS powers industry-leading router platforms with 10G/25G/100G/400G options, on open, merchant silicon (e.g. Broadcom StrataDNX Jericho2)-based hardware, at the lowest TCO.

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