Monitoring & Analytics

Real-time and proactive network management

ArcOS + ArcIQ EVPN VXLAN Solution
Telemetry Architecture

ArcIQ is architected on streaming telemetry for real-time data collection, secure streaming with Kafka or gNMI

Control Plane Security

Monitor, validate, and notify – network and security insights like route origin validation (ROV) to detect route leaks and hijacks

Open API Infrastructure

Supports extensive list of APIs for integration with other observability platforms, central processing of critical events, and security analytics

Real-time and scalable monitoring fabric

Global Enterprise organizations are modernizing their data centers, adopting public cloud infrastructures, and embarking on edge computing initiatives. All these lead to highly distributed and complex environments placing immense strain on the network and its ability to respond rapidly to anomalies while fulfilling compliance mandates like GDPR, PCI, and SOX.

Monitoring and analytics for the modern hyperscale networks demand continuous & real-time visibility based on streaming telemetry architecture, intelligent & proactive security analytics with closed-loop automation, and a flexible notification framework that integrates with popular IT platforms like ServiceNow, Pagerduty, and more.

Arrcus hyperscale network management with proactive analytics

Leveraging a first-principles approach, Arrcus ArcIQ and ArcOS enables the Enterprise IT organizations with a real-time network visibility and actionable & proactive analytics platform. Platform provides a continuous monitoring capability built on streaming telemetry with support for select third-party network devices. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • An autonomous and real-time visibility that continuously collects network-wide data. Analytics engine based on modern processing models analyzes the data for alerting and notification
  • Platform ability to ingest a vast amount of network data and process them for insights to include route origins, traffic flow and malicious activities enables proactive security enforcement and mitigate attacks
  • As an integrated solution of ArcOS and ArcIQ, network data is collected across all layers of the underlay and overlay. With support for RestAPIs, IT organizations can integrate into other observability tools and enhance operational efficiency

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