Arrcus Routing Security

Secure your internet-facing infrastructure from control plane and data plane attacks

Internet routing security at scale
Route Validation

Leverages authentication-based routing to validate the origin of routes received, thereby improving the security of business assets

Real-Time Visibility

Provides real-time, deep views of networks and resources with actionable insights to enable network operators to execute data-driven policy decisions

Network Uptime

Protects routing infrastructure from malicious attacks and ensures resource availability and business continuity with no performance impact

Control plane security

Reduce the impact of malicious attacks and improve business availability

Internet has a significant impact on the world-wide GDP; so securing internet routing infrastructure is key for the digital economy to thrive. With no means of verifying a route announcement, the trust-based internet routing model is flawed, as evidenced by thousands of routing incidents, from accidental route leaks to malicious route hijackings over the years, clearly outlining the need for a better system for route validation.

RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) has emerged as a main building block to help secure internet routing by cryptographically verifying route announcements and removing any concerns about where the IP prefixes are originating from.

Leveraging industry-leading software, ArcOS and ArcIQ, Arrcus’s innovative RPKI-based ROV (Route Origin Validation) solution helps customers easily visualize and validate their inter-domain network traffic. The solution comes packaged with the ArcOS router (physical or virtual) or can be deployed on a 3rd-party router, either on-prem or on cloud.

Data plane security

Defend and protect your network’s assets against DDoS attacks

As network architectures become more regional and distributed, DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, overwhelming internal network capacities and disrupting businesses. So, edge routers have a crucial role to play to defend against these destructive attacks. First step towards this defense is the detection using flow-based telemetry combined with mitigation at the edge using BGP FlowSpec before the attacks present a serious threat to network infrastructure and service availability.

Leveraging ArcOS and ArcIQ, Arrcus provides the best-of-breed secure data plane network solution to mitigate DDoS attacks using:

  • BGP FlowSpec (ArcOS)
  • sFlow and telemetry (ArcOS)
  • Flow ingestion and alerts (ArcIQ)

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