Arrcus ハイブリッドクラウドネットワーキング


Secure Application Connectivity at Hyperscale Performance
Integrated Routing with Overlay

Deploy distributed applications in data center with ArcEdge as a border leaf in the IP Clos design with full BGP support interconnected securely with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Network Services

Enable variety of network services to support data proxies, transit hub with NAT and container networking with ArcEdge as a platform either in the data center, cloud or in private co-location points

Cloud-Native Security

Seamlessly deliver access and authentication-based security policies integrated with the always-on AES-256 encryption for all traffic along with IAM, security groups and NACLs

Simple and integrated networking with overlay for the cloud

The era of private data center networks is rapidly evolving as Enterprise applications move increasingly to a mix of both private and public clouds. Traditional data center networking based on IP CloS model is not designed to extend to the cloud provider network. This evolution needs a new approach in networking architecture with a robust and secure hybrid cloud connectivity.

The Arrcus hybrid cloud networking platform consisting of ArcEdge, as a secure data plane software and ArcOrchestrator dramatically simplifies the interconnectivity with cloud-native security. Built on the principles for modern orchestration and networking-as-code, Arrcus hybrid cloud solution is operationally simple to deploy with support for popular frameworks including Hashicorp Terraform, Ansible playbooks and RestAPI.

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